*Pinot Noir and bored doggy not included :)

*Pinot Noir and bored doggy not included :)

So, what happens at the presentation? Why don’t you just send us a link?

This is the BEST part of the whole family portrait session process (for both you and me); the moment you’ll see the artwork I’ve created from our short time together – prepare to be amazed, to laugh, and maybe cry a little. I love presenting these memories right in the comfort of your home. The purpose of this is primarily because choosing the best photos to include in albums, wall collections, gift prints and more is – well – really hard! I will guide you through the whole process, supplying you with my opinion about the best shots (and why), as well as the appropriate size for different areas of your home. Also, you’ll want to see the tangible ways your memories can be preserved through keepsake album options, gorgeous giclée canvas wall collections, frame-worthy lustre prints and of course digital files. 

Because I only keep the files you love, this is the time to make ALL final decisions about which photos you feel are worth preserving, and how. I will spend as long as it takes with you to figure this out – usually 1-2 hours. Most of my clients choose their products a-la-carte, spending anywhere from $700 to $4,500 – sometimes more. The one thing they all agree upon – the results are worth every penny!

When I arrive, I'll start out by presenting a slideshow set to music. This is the time to sit back and enjoy all the photos as they're presented via slideshow on my laptop. Afterwards, I'll let you take control and let you look through the pictures at your own pace. At this point we're just trying to narrow down the selection to your favorites, the ones you may be interested in preserving in albums, wall collections, prints or digital files. 

Take your time, this process can often take several hours. I'm here to help, to give you professional guidance on how to best show off your fabulous photos in your home.

So, our package we purchased came with a certain # of hi-res files, how do we get those?

If you purchased an all-digital photo package that came with a certain number of digital files, this is your opportunity to choose them! There’s no obligation to purchase anything additional to what came with your package, although I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t show you the possibilities of how your faves could look on a certain wall in your house, or in a thoughtfully-designed (and gorgeous) album. Maybe you want to see some photos in black and white, or cropped in a different way – we can do all that in real-time if we’re in the same room. Plus, part of the joy of photography for me is seeing my clients react to viewing their photos for the first time – it’s truly the fuel that inspires me on a daily basis. I can’t wait to meet up with you and share what we’ve created together!

What Can I Order?

Most of my clients choose to preserve their photos in Albums, Canvas Wall Collections, beautiful "regular" prints and digital files. Download my Product Pricing Guide to see the variety of ways to make your photos come to life! And yes, this is the time you’ll pick the 8x12 hi-res files that came with the package your purchased already. There is no obligation to purchase anything beyond this, but I hope you’ll want some kind of physical keepsake to preserve your favorites in a non-digital medium.

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Albums: Just let me know which album you're interested in ordering (see the product pricing guide) and let me know which photos you'd like to include! This is a GREAT way to include a bunch of fun photos you wouldn't ordinarily frame or hang on the wall – and the price per photo is less than the regular prints! Later, I'll design the custom layout for your album and email you a proof before having it printed.

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Wall Collections / Canvas Prints: The product pricing guide has a few popular canvas wall collections as well as prices for individual canvas prints. Custom collections and sizes are available. I can show you how different collections might look in different areas of your home while I'm there.

Gift Prints (wallets, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14): These are the ideal-sized prints for desks, shelves, and very small wall spaces.

Digital Files: Refer to the product pricing guide for details on digital file options. Screen-Res files (1600x1200) are INCLUDED FREE with any product you order, whether they're in an album, a canvas or regular print. These files are for digital display/social media only, not for making your own prints. Screen-res are available for purchase if you don't want a print version for $35/ea. Higher-resolution images are available for purchase as well, and are good for making your own prints up to 8" x 12" in size (3600x2400); these are the sizes that are included with each package. Both sizes are available in bulk at a discount, as are the original (over 8000 pixel) sizes – for very, very large prints (and definitely not cheap!).

How Long Do You Keep the Photos?

I only keep the photos you love – all the photos you choose to preserve in an album, any kind of print, or digital purchase – I will keep for at least a year. If you intend to make any gifts for family members, today is the best time do make those decisions – but if others need to see the photos, I can put them on a temporary online proofing gallery for 7 days, by request. 

My clients really appreciate this level of service as it takes the complexity out of the ordering process, knowing you're getting the best products for your home and budget. Plus I love seeing people react to my work for the first time, it's truly the fuel that drives me in this business :)

Thanks, and see you soon!

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~Chris Schmauch

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